Tape 1

by Molly Ringworm

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quick sketches of some songs i wrote & recorded on my four track this summer.


released September 7, 2017

all songs written and played by me.


all rights reserved



Molly Ringworm Atlantic City, New Jersey

Sarah > vox, guitar
Andrew > bass
Johnny > guitar
Niko > drums

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Track Name: Calvin
i'm so anxious thinking about him
he only worries about himself
cal lays on the couch
figured his shit out
he's always there when i am sad
he's cynical and i can't be like that

making a mess
puffing out his chest
i want to be a lot like him
indifferent and not ashamed of it
Track Name: Miles
how many miles away
do i have to go to see you change
i know i'm not the only one you want
i know we're not the same

i'm not myself when i don't want to sing
i'll add harmony to everything
you say to wait til verse one has gone its way
but i join in anyway

miss the way i made you sweat
where's that charm around your neck?

how many miles away
do i have to be to give you space
there's not much left
i'll take what i can get
Track Name: Tied
i don't ever want to be tied down
i don't want to see you lying on the ground
i'll never say this cuz you think that this is bliss
he's really all that i can think of when we kiss

you like me too much, it will only make you sad
when i reveal the truth i never really have
i'm sick of doing things all out of sympathy
you're just in love with the idea of me
Track Name: Be Mindful
i wanna see you out on a friday night
but you just wanna be alone, alright
if you could spare me one last second chance
to treat you right i'd make the most of it

the days you couldn't keep your hands off me
it used to reach one hundred degrees
remember how damn good it felt to be
so utterly in sync with somebody?

when i call you up it feels like nothing's going wrong
but every time i see you face to face i learn i'm not that strong

you can vent to me about all of your friends
my lips are sealed with secrets, good intent
maybe i'll never really understand
why lovers can't remain the best of friends

sometimes i call you up and act like nothing's going wrong
but every time i see her in my place i know i'm not that strong

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