Good Ol Boys

by Molly Ringworm

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released September 1, 2019

Sarah Holt sings and plays rhythm & synth
Johnny Zappas plays lead guitar & acoustic on "Card"
Andrew Simpson plays bass
Niko Berardo drums & plays acoustic on "Timmy"
Daniel Cordero plays piano on "Card (Waltz 2)"

All songs written, recorded, engineered & mixed by Molly Ringworm.
Don Wittenwiler engineered Johnny’s guitar on "No Matter What."
Mastered by Jacob Folk.

Recorded in part at Hillside Sound, Exeter Studios & the University of Charter.

Thanks to all of our friends & family for their constant support: our parents, Mariah, Sophia, Mark, Dan, Colby, Lindsey & so many more. Thank you Emily for pushing my writing. Thanks to WLFR & all its DJs. Thanks to all our friends and family.Thank you Johnny, Andrew & Niko for turning the songs I wrote in in my bedroom into so much more. Lots of love.


all rights reserved



Molly Ringworm Atlantic City, New Jersey

Sarah > vox, guitar
Andrew > bass
Johnny > guitar
Niko > drums

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Track Name: Calvin
i'm so anxious thinking about him
he only worries about himself
cal lays on the couch
figured his shit out
he's always there when i am sad
he's cynical and i can't be like that

making a mess
puffing out his chest
i want to be a lot like him:
indifferent and not ashamed of it
Track Name: Timmy
timmy says you've gotta speak
other choice is to die it seems
so much on my mind this week
words are hard to get past the teeth

would be so good to make him laugh
bring him flowers when he's sad
he's something i'd like to have
but i know he just wants her back

i call you up again, i know you're always picking up the phone
but when i hang it up, i really feel like i am all alone

gabby says quit thinking deep
says you're more surface than it seems
cheeks bloom at bad poetry
i could fall hard for anything

i take a big sip from the cup although i know it's way too hot
i go to bed with you even though he's everything you're not
Track Name: Be Mindful
i wanna see you out on a friday night
but you just wanna be alone, alright
if you could spare me one last second chance
to treat you right i'd make the most of it

the days you couldn't keep your hands off me
it used to reach one hundred degrees
remember how damn good it felt to be
so utterly in sync with somebody?

sometimes i call you up and act like nothing's going wrong
but every time i see you face to face i learn i'm not that strong

you can vent to me about all of your friends
my lips are sealed with secrets, good intent
maybe i'll never really understand
why lovers can't remain the best of friends

sometimes i call you up and act like nothing's going wrong
but every time i see her in my place i know i'm not that strong
Track Name: Card (Waltz 2)
passing off words as his own, her images don’t make sense
sometimes i wish that they’d say what it is that they meant
flowers on valentine’s day, he’s got me on his arm
she’s having all of my fun cuz you didn’t get my card

jigsaw of follies that fell right into place with you
hours of doing nothing on the floor of your room
secrets and songs to play and nothing but long afternoon
to smoke out the signals that spell out how i feel for you

i know that everything’s got to come to an end
you make me think that i could stand all that pain again
Track Name: No Matter What
no matter what i do
i’m always second to
leave me fending for myself
while you run off with someone else
i know how it goes

how can you not see
what’s so clear to me
they only care about themselves
they’ll break you from the inside out
i know how it goes

pinch to pass the pain
hypnic jerk awake
i was only trying to help you out
but no
i won’t

let’s hear ya make some noise
for all the good ol' boys
i’m too much blood and bubblegum
you’re talking to me like i’m dumb
i know what you don’t

em dash though to say—
it don’t matter anyway
i was only tying to help you out
but no
i won’t

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